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Vertical Gardens India

Our vertical gardens are a rage in town. We have put all our efforts to develop a system that allows you to cover any wall quickly and safely. We have extensive experience in the world of gardening and vertical projects that guarantee our system.

We execute vertical gardens as much outside as inside for your garden, terrace, living room, offices. The benefits of introducing gardens on the facades are innumerable, The origin of the vertical system comes from studies of NASA to clean the air in cities.Greenwall Nursery have experience in installation of Vertical Gardens in India, choose us for decor your House.

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Vertical Gardens India

Vertical Green Walls Nursery

With the introduction of Vertical Green Walls Nursery we are proud to contribute to the development of our cities. We have improved our systems to catch on vertical gardens and make them affordable.The complete range of Indoor and outdoor Plants used for Vertical gardening in India. Greenwall Nursery specializes in Vertical Gardens. we tend to provide vertical gardens in India.

Similarly when it comes to painting the town green, What better than a dash of vertical Gardens. Easy to maintain and pretty good to look at. Low maintenance, Low water consumption, Air of nutrients, Fast and economical installation, Automatic irrigation

Environmental Benefits:
Grow Green – Gift Green – Gift Plant

We pioneer many conceptual ideas in the gardening sector, Grow Green – Gift Green – Gift Plant is our idea of imbibing the values of greenery in the generation and small kids and that too is changing the perspective of parents.

Our Success Mantra

From the very beginning, we have consistently maintained high inventory levels of vertical garden. So when a project of green wall is executed, we install plants which are well-set, well-rooted, fresh and alive in the respective soil-less media.

We Greenwall are continuously working on idea of vertical gardens and coming up with new varieties to add in the vertical garden family. We are also working on various to soil-less media / compositions for growing plants and above all this we also try out different research in fertillzers and pesticides.

Looking at the “progress” of mankind we are creating concrete jungles at a fast pasce way beyond our control, the idea of vertical gardens is appealing to even the most rigid non-believers.

Forging into the future we have a vision where every individual would be planting a tree every fortnight and helping the future to “ stay alive”. Our Philosophy is that the cycle of life is not complete without greenery. Collectively let us solemnly pledge to the carbon footprint on Mother Earth.

We Greenwall are eternally binded towards this goal and hope that people who bind with us have a similar outlook.

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